Author: Jay Patel and Nadisha Wannia-Rachchige

Meadowlands Valley

Studio: ARCS 4105 – Studio 6

Professor: Benjamin Gianni

Year: Fall 2020

Project Description

Meadowlands Valley, promotes pedestrian mobility, recreation and cultural interaction, embedded ecosystems, and built form that is sensitive in scale with its surrounding community. This site applies an urban strategy to the existing fabric that triples the density while simultaneously enhancing the public realm. The structures are placed along the main road for functionality and accessibility reasons, this also allows a large active green space; Canary Park to be introduced that is to be shared amongst the community. At the centre, there is a recreational centre, Centrestone Community Centre that promotes active living and can be accessed from both the East and West side of the site connected via a multi-use pathway. This multi-use pathway is the prime network of access through the site and encourages healthy living. The south side of the existing site is occupied by houses; which is
why Meadowlands Valley mimics the existing fabric by proposing stacked townhouses to face Canary Park. This urban design proposal is centered around the human scale while effectively promoting active living to create a space which can be utilized by people of all ages.