Author: Aniko Nebozuk

Pingelap Sees Red

Studio: ARCS 2105 – Studio 2

Professor: Stephan Kowal 

Year: Fall 2020

Project Description

Sometime in the future after the new superpower China finishes conquering the South China Sea, it sets its sights on Micronesia. Like other regions China has extended its influence over, the island of Pingelap is forced to adopt the Social Credit System. This surveillance regime is discreetly woven into every aspect of life and is hidden from view; life seemingly continues as normal. However, the large group of colourblind people on Pingelap have insisted for decades that they can see essential things that are often overlooked in the normal coloured world, and this hidden surveillance system is no exception. Compliant people with high scores benefit while skeptics with this second vision become downtrodden by this Orwllian reality, fleeing to areas like the West where this system does not exist (yet).