Author: Ruby Li

Space for Rain Sound

Studio: ARCS 2105 –  Studio 2

Professor: Stephan Kowal 

Year: Fall 2020

Project Description

In the assigned reading, “The Way Back” (1954), the protagonists try to explore a damp, desolate island but end up experiencing many unknown dangers. Taking this into account, I want to create a safe place for the protagonists and visitors to explore this island while experiencing the rain. Similar to living in Vancouver, I am used to being surrounded by rain and its sound which I enjoy from the comforts of my home. Drawing aesthetic inspiration from traditional Japanese architecture, the structure features a deep roof overhang, a “wet” garden, and a wood structure. The wooden roof helped to collect a soft rain sound while the deep eaves allowed visitors to enjoy the rain under it without getting wet. Surrounded by wood structures, the safe zone is created in the middle. It is a peaceful place of rest while everything happens outside like wind, dangers and the tunneling of the rain water around the structure.