Author: Safiya Jibril

Dancing Shadows

Studio: ARCS 2105 – Studio 2

Professor: Stephan Kowal 

Year: Fall 2020

Project Description

Dancing Shadows takes the form of existing words from Alain Robbe-Grillet narrative ‘The Way Back’. Expressing meaningful spatial relationships with the ground plane and with the varying water levels, Dancing Shadows draws from its very own nature. Cantilevering between land and water of the east bank, the pavilion acts like a haven away from the climatic conditions of the island. The summer shadows embody a pause away from this chaotic reality by assuring hope and meditative guidance. This space is inhabited by a deaf sailor who appreciates the summer shadow, where he returns to disconnect from his difficult duties out in the sea. Deaf as he is, sight is the sense he relies most on. The shadows are in a way keeper and teller of all time, indicating when his obligations must be met. Throughout his journey in the pavilion, the deaf sailor’s only company is himself and his shadows. In a beautiful yet strange manner, he calmly dances with shadows as the world around him drowns.