Author: Anita You

Dreamhouse Labrynth

Studio: ARCS 1005 – Drawing

Professor: Federica Goffi

Year: Fall 2020

Project Description

This labyrinth assignment was for students to create a structure using one material. It was to make their imaginary dream house. Starting with this base, Anita chose to use yarn and created a vessel with her clumsy crochet skills. She used white yarn to start the base of the vessel. Then she referenced the designs of flowers from nature because both have a repeated radiation pattern from their central structure. Once the crochet was done, she used thin wires to prop up the soft and airy
shape. With the wires looping through the layers of yarn, like how a basket was made, the final structure was able to stand on its own and hold its pose when it is shaped every time. The thin wires could hardly be seen under a photograph or far away due to their similarity in colours. This unifies the vessel at a glance for a better aesthetic. When Anita was crocheting the vessel, she also considered her well-being and emotions at the time. Her mood was slightly sad because of the current pandemic. Therefore, using crochet helped her ease up because it was a hobby of hers since childhood. The technique was familiar to her. The final shape of the vessel can also tell she wanted to be cared for at that specific time. The bowl-like form can also seem to hug her and wrap around her, providing her comfort and warmth.