Author: Helen Wang

Labrynth + Recto Verso

Studio: ARCS 1005 – Drawing

Professor: Federica Goffi 

Year: Fall 2020

Project Description

Derived from the concept of radical dwelling spaces, the formation of a labyrinth transitioned into an oceanic civilization centralized upon transportation as a means of connection between places of habitation. It is composed of a series of orbs shaped by countless strands of individual passageways which in conjunction, form a monumental and highly complex structure. Diverging considerations for the character of these channels are represented through three independent drawings. One highlights the intricate and delicate nature, its fluid form demonstrating its boundless surroundings, whereas the section/elevation recto/verso drawing expresses the union between natural and built environments through a seamless connection between structural support and earth. Lastly, the verso drawing depicting the plan/footprint of the labyrinth highlights the limitless tunnels with warm hues to exhibit the presence of life within. The shadow of the model is filled with blue and hatched to exemplify the structure’s oceanic setting and create an illusion of movement. Although each drawing seeks to enhance separate features, they are tied to one another through their natural ability to express dynamism and the ingrained essence of life within.