Author: Solin Dirbas

Freedom and Chaos

Studio: ARCN 2106 – Introduction to Multimedia

Professor: Adriana Ross

Year: Winter 2020

Project Description

These pieces symbolize freedom and chaos being intertwined in the same environment. When studying the clay model (upper image) the different angles and lighting changes the piece in way by giving different perspective in the eye. The layering of the images creates contrast between darkness and light through its environment. Furthermore, the image below is intertwined with two different models the clay and the wire. They both are very different but very similar in a way because when looking at the centerpiece (wired model) many notice abstract lines, movement, and balance. For the piece in the background (clay model) shows elegant movement in its design and it creates a very calm mood within the piece. Putting these two elements together made the piece become balanced because we see chaos, loud, abstract lines in the center and this beautiful peaceful mountain-like figure in the background with graceful lines. This combination truly shows how these pieces of work can really work together through movement, light, and shadows. As well as playing with different arrangements to create depth. The figure ballerina represents a story through her dancing and it creates a realistic environment that is free, soundless and a place for dreamers.