Author: Megan Elekes

Panoramic Workspace

Studio: ARCN 2106 – Introduction to Multimedia

Professor: Adriana Ross

Year: Fall 2020

Project Description

This collage piece explores the desk, a personally representative space in the home. Decorated utilizing personal creative freedom, unlike the rest of the house, creates a spatial representation of the user and creator that occupies it, as well as their values and interests. In this case, art, photos, and organization are a priority. 

The desk is represented in a unique way, both highlighting and overlapping images to show many different angles and objects that make up the space, as well as highlighting the teal colour present on the walls, in the photos, and objects on the desk by decreasing the saturation of the colours present in the photographs. Transformation is shown in the piece through the layering of different angles, scales, opacitiies, and lighting to create a new space from an existing one.