Author: Robin Hoytema

What is a Church?

Course: ARCH 5201 – Grad Seminar 2

Professors: Mokena Makeka and Jill Stoner

Year: Fall 2020

Project Description

What is a church? We all have implicit biases about what a church should be – a tall steeple, stained glass, arched windows, or wooden pews. But how can we, as architects, start to look past our personal biases and reimagine these spaces for a new use? Churches are not just the physical material or design – without a connection to the community there is value which is lost. As many congregations age out of their historic church buildings, it’s evident that churches are more than just their associated religious communities. And while beauty can be powerful, beauty in and of itself does not define a church. In order to adapt these sacred spaces, we need to adopt a more flexible mindset which allows us to reimagine what a church can become.