Author: Laura Clark

Extrapolated Door Handle: Elements as Artifacts

Course: ARCH 5201 – Grad Seminar 2

Professors: Mokena Makeka and Jill Stoner

Year: Fall 2020

Project Description

The suspended components of an exploded door handle and hinge formulate a testing ground for the extrapolation of architectural elements. The artifact, disassembled and appearing fragmented, allows each component to be recognizable for what it is itself, while a greater understanding of what the object is combined is also comprehendible. Similarly, memories are formulated and recalled based on the sound, smell, feeling, look, and phenomenological quality of the spaces surrounding the objects we interact with. We remember the twisting or turning of a door handle because of the squeaky hinge it is associated with, or coolness of the metal it is made of. Memories are fragments of our imagination and lived experiences, scattered across the globe. Therefore, this artifact is attempting to display that the extrapolation of architectural components can still bring forth a memory, allowing users to interact with a history of a place over time, and question the sites of all of their personal indexed memories.