Author: Kiara Bramao and Lara Kurosky 

Breaking Away from City Edges

Course: ARCU 2303 – Fundamentals of Urbanism

Professor: Benjamin Gianni

Year: Fall 2019

Project Description

Breaking Away From City Edges focussed on the development and refinement of a hypothetical neighbourhood. It was built upon the idea of a high density cluster of commercial and residential buildings and the subtle progression of a skyline. To break away from the rigidity and strict geometries of the built fabric, designated public spaces were integrated into the layout. The plaza, a hardscaped area defined by the surrounding buildings, was situated in one of the denser areas of the neighbourhood. Adjacent to this was the library, designed to further build upon the idea of curves within a strictly geometric neighbourhood with a sloping roof and views overlooking the riverside and plaza. The recreational park was a programmed greenspace situated in the residential section of the city and acted as a complimentary piece to the space. Situated inside this park was a pavilion that housed a café and a sculptural piece to draw the attention of passers-by towards it. Utilizing the curving walkways of the park, the two separate spaces would be connected. Located at two key points within the neighbourhood, these buildings would enhance both the visual and interactive experiences of its community.