Author: Shane Villeneuve


Studio: ARCS 5031 – MArch 1 – Studio 1

Professors: Catherine Bonier and Johan Voordouw

Year: Fall 2019

Project Description

This project proposes an architecture where nature takes place. Not only does the vegetation occupy the interior space of the National Archive, but a large part of it tends to spread outwards as well. Nature is at the core of the architectural conception and tends to enhance the architecture that shelters it. The design brings together all the components of the National Archive in seven pavilions made up entirely of curvilinear lines, forms, and volumes. These are conceived accordingly in order to offer the visitor a fluid and pleasant pathway between the different ecosystems. In the same perspective, both the envelope structure and the entire vegetation are laid out in order to instinctively guide the visitor in his architectural experience. Constantly with the idea of keeping nature in the forefront of interest, multiple skylights are integrated into the roof of the National Archive. The location of these skylights is greatly influenced by the path the sun takes throughout the day. The idea is to bring as much light as possible into the indoor area to provide pleasant spaces for the public, but primarily for the preservation of the vegetation.