Author: Hilary Romaniuk and Kaleigh Jeffrey


Studio: ARCS 4105 – Studio 6

Professor: Zachary Colbert

Year: Fall 2018

Project Description

The design is a proposed masterplan for a neighbourhood that seeks connection to the urban core of Ottawa. Tremblay’s new LRT station encourages intensification in the areas surrounding the train yards. The proposal focuses on maximizing density as well as creating a balance between the built environment and the surrounding landscape. The design is based around internally facing buildings and focuses on the balance between what is built, and the public space. The buildings carefully embrace the site and focus in on one another. The distinct cut that disturbs the otherwise regular grid emphasizes the connection from transit stations while creating a preferred pedestrian route through the site. A new pedestrian tunnel connects the LRT station and the new development. A variety of unit sizes are offered to accommodate young professionals, growing families, seniors and empty nesters. The developed mixed use mid-rise building features a central void that encourages community interactions. The town houses back onto a shared backyard while an elevated single loaded corridor separates smaller units from the larger family units below. The overall layout of the development encourages organized and chance interactions between temporary users and residents of the space and therefore strengthens the growing community’s relationships.