Author: Zakir Hamza and Charlotte Keskinen-Keith

a big new/old way to do housing

Studio: ARCS 4105 – Studio 6

Professor: Zachary Colbert

Year: Fall 2019

Project Description

Through the increased script-ability of architecture,

our role may evolve to developing a macro-strategy and hosting collaborative design discussion to produce final form. Allowing for a radically old process of negotiation, community design, and co-ownership to produce a negotiated architecture.

The first design decision was to split the program requirements into rolling hills of commercial space and mountains of negotiated housing. The rolling hills of commercial space are placed under the park with cut streets bringing light, air and park connections to the lower level. The islands of park space are connected with a leasurely and wandering pedestrian path. The mountains of housing open up onto the park level with park access given to family homes. As the housing extends upward we introduce additional typologies of housing while creating a community of shared terraces and grottos of green spaces.