Author: Sideqa Haqani

Mill’s Cultural Centre

Studio: ARCS 3105 – Studio 4

Professor: Eric Archambault

Year: Fall 2019

Project Description

Through boiling, cooling, eye-dropping, freezing and melting, correlates and metaphors between states of water – frozen, thawed, melted – and states of people – social, economic, political – are made. Bodies of ink fluctuate and adapt to changing conditions. Patterns of movement, of inflection and of adaptation, emerge and continue to change; even in their frozen form, the ink and ice adjust their positions.

With a limited number of variables, careful and controlled experiments act to isolate patterns apparent in the material. Patterns are nested within larger patterns. Some patterns, like that of the stretched ice and ink, are only discernible through post-processing techniques that reveal what the eye cannot see. This pattern, like many others, is found at many scales, big and small – other patterns, though, are size-dependent.