Author: Martha Woolfrey

Recycled Imagination: Revisiting Place Through Collage

Course: ARCN 2106 – Introduction to Multimedia

Professor: Adriana Ross

Year: Fall 2019

Project Description

The featured series of digital collages expresses the creative ties shared between tangible objects, the imagination, and tools of transformation. Each work is derived from a variety of photographs with contrasting themes and subjects. Overlapping layers synthesize a new spatial identity within the collages, capturing fragments of the physical environment in the currents of imagination. Conventional ideas of an object’s form and purpose erode to produce an alternative perspective of place. Image One incorporates elements of the Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism building in an imaginative interpretation of the studio space. As a platform from which students interact, its surrounding walls are imprinted by narratives of learning through making. With a delicacy created from vibrant layers of contrasting opacity, Image Two is produced from cyanotype printmaking. The collage forms a translucent pavilion inspired by the effect of sunlight filtered through an autumn forest canopy. Image Three illustrates how memories of the human-made and natural landscape of home contribute to personal identity. It reflects the visual culture of rural Newfoundland, from icebergs to forgotten wharfs and gnarled spruce. The patchwork of memories recalls afternoons shared with grandparents near a window framing the horizon of stone, sea and sky.