Author: Ben Merritt, Adonis Lau and Tobia Graziani

Understanding Korstania

Course: ARCN 2105 – Comp Modelling and Form Analysis

Professor: Connor O’Grady

Year: Winter 2020

Project Description

This project aims to immerse the viewer in the narrative of a fictional world, by using an information-rich perspective in the format of a scientific pamphlet. The project in this case tells the story of the fictional country Korstania through an informative pamphlet produced by the fictitious Venture Association. This pamphlet shares the work and dwelling units of three different Venture Association field agents, as well as common species found throughout the country. The pamphlet also displays information on the Venture Association, such as a brief history and some innovations produced by Venture. The project is targeted at the fictional Korstanian population, with the hope that the progress of the Venture Association will inspire others to join their cause. The scientists as well as their research outposts were created and designed by second year students Ben Merritt (Amelie C.), Adonis Lau (Damien Q.), and Tobia Graziani (Anthony T.), for the class Digital Practice and Theory (ARCN-2105).