Author: Jaya Linfoot

Transference to the Digital Realm

Course: ARCN 2106 – Introduction to Multimedia

Professor: Adriana Ross

Year: Fall 2019

Project Description

The act of taking photographs preserves the delicate creations that cannot withstand time. If one so chooses to, the essence of the work can be perfectly captured as a record of its former glory. But what the digital world offers can be so much more than simple documentation. It provides other insights, or interpretations, of the piece. Many sensory qualities were lost as this model was taken out of its three-dimensional context, however, through the manipulation of colour, light, and perspective the piece came to embody something entirely new. In switching to a monochrome palette and positioning light sources at various angles the focus was shifted away from the project itself and towards how it occupied the space. The surroundings become integral as they display the soft shadows cast by the form. The intimacy of the compositions reveals details that may have been previously overlooked; a much more playful and whimsical side is exposed. And so, this piece, unbounded by any particular time or place, is suspended in this digital realm, eternal and unchanging.