Author: Analiz Ochoa

Tree House

Course: ARCC 5500 – MArch – Advanced Building Systems

Professor: Jerry Hacker

Year: Fall 2019

Project Description

The second skin of Building 22 is born from a need to address current environmental and design issues. Two glulam trusses that span from west to east, serve as the supporting structure for TREE HOUSE. The wood structure holds an insulated shell, cladded with perforated metal panels. Perforations increase or decrease depending on the amount of daylight required in certain spaces. In some cases the metal panels function as a bifold window that allow more heat to enter the building. Glulam columns, CLT floors and ceilings as well as cork panels are used within the interiors of TREE HOUSE as a complementary contrast to Building 22’s concrete interiors. Warm soft surfaces build comfortable spaces that respond to the idea of “work/life” integration. For a building that is inhabited 24/7 by students, the warmth of a wooden structure allows for a cozier home-like environment. Inspired by the workshop life of Building 22, the idea of flexible spaces is what drives the design of TREE HOUSE. Students are encouraged to interact/play with the structure itself. By adding to the column grid, students can create spaces through shelves, partitions and other pieces needed for the space to accomplish its purpose.