Author: Jessica Babe and Mary Hanna

Papyrus: Saint Paul University Edition

Studio: ARCC 3301 – Conservation Studio 1

Professor: Mariana Esponda

Year: Fall 2019

Project Description

This design for an addition to the St. Paul University Campus presents a vision for the integration of the urban landscape with the historic fabric of the campus grounds.  Acting primarily as a multi-functional community space and public gathering point, this addition envelopes the core of the campus through a folding geometric motion that is present in the design at varying scales. 

The addition creates a dynamic flow off of Main Street that draws in the public for various community events.  Within the university building complex, the angular folding of the addition both respects and responds to the existing rectilinear geometry.  It enables a strategic solution to address issues of connectivity throughout the campus while clearly distinguishing the addition as a new entity.  At the urban scale, the addition presents a distinct motion across the campus connecting La Framboise Hall at the southwestern corner to the library towards the northeast.  It is a path reminiscent of the original 19th century entrance to the grounds, however the use of the folding geometry creates much larger urban connections than was previously possible.  As a result, the addition engages with the surrounding public and takes on a more prominent role within the Old Ottawa East community.