Diversity Working Group hosts workshop "Retracing: Ethnopolis"

November 9, 2020

6:30 pm

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The student-led Diversity Working Group (.DWG) of the Azrieli School of Architecture & Urbanism is hosting an interactive workshop and discussion exploring ethnic enclaves in cities.

Everyone is invited.

Participants will be involved in creating a collage, mapping out the history and intricacies of an Ethnopolis, which will be published by .DWG.

Historically shaped by racial exclusion and marginalization, Chinatowns and other ethnic enclaves have fostered generations of newcomers in our greatest cities.

They built a sense of community, identity, local economy, and resourceful spirit integral to the transition and survival of immigrants.


But where and what are they now?


What is the role of ethnic enclaves in an urban and social context?


How have they evolved with gentrification, globalization, migration

trends, and changing cities?


The workshop will discuss the value, image, evolution, and complexities of the Ethnopolis and its role in the modern city.

Retracing: Ethnopolis is the first in a series of workshops hosted by .DWG.

They will explore various topics through a lens of equity and justice in an interactive format and culminate in the production of meaningful work and media.

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