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Phuong-Trâm Nguyen

Assistant Professor


Thi Phuong-Trâm Nguyen is a trained architect in Canada, and holds an MA in Architectural History & Theory from McGill University. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Architectural Design at The Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL). The research was partly funded by the Government of Québec, Canada (FRQSC). Her research titled ‘Anamorphosis | Drawing Spatial Practices’ addresses the temporality of the gesture of looking through the study of anamorphic construction. Her design work explores the possibilities of drawing, filmmaking and writing to occupy the space of perception.

Following Michel de Certeau statement ‘place is a practice space’, her research approach is based on a productive dialogue between research and design as a spatial practice. As a maker, we know more than we can tell, and this back and forth between making and thinking is necessary to extract what we can learn from design but also what research can do for design.

Before coming to Carleton, she taught at The Bartlett (UK) and at Université de Montréal. Together with members of the Film Place Collective, she curated screenings and organized exhibitions on film – as it mediates place through image, sound, and movement. Her personal work has been screened and exhibited at the RIBA North, The London Architecture Film Festival, and The Royal Academy of Art in London.


On going – PhD Architectural Design Programme – Bartlett School of Architecture

Post-Professional Master in History and Theory of Architecture – McGill University

Professional Master of Architecture – Université de Montréal

Bachelor of Architecture – Université Laval


ARCS 2105 – BAS – Studio 2

ARCS 2106 – BAS – Studio 3

ARCH 5002B – Architecture Seminar, Filmmaking Spatial Practices

ARCS 5033S – MArch – Studio 3

ARCH 5100 – Directed Studies


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Nguyen, Thi Phuong-Trâm. 2016. “Anamorphosis: An Inquiry into the Unknown.” In Drawing Futures, edited by Laura Allen and Luke Caspar Pearson, 102-09. London: UCL Press.


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