Jenan Ghazal

Azrieli Teaching Fellow

Jenan Ghazal is a PhD candidate at the ASAU, affiliated with the Department of Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations (NMC) at the University of Toronto. She teaches a history/theory course titled: Reporting from the front: on architecture, politics, and spatial violence. She holds a BArch (2012) and a MArch (2014) from the Académie des Beaux-Arts in Lebanon, where she also has professional experience as a licensed architect. Before holding a Master of Architectural Studies (MAS, 2016) from Carleton University, Jenan was involved with community-based activism and documentation of endangered heritage buildings in her hometown Tripoli, Lebanon. By dwelling upon her firsthand experience of urban conflicts following upheavals in Lebanon, her research addresses the question of spatial violence, not merely as a destructive force on the order of architecture, but as its constitutive function, as a continuous immanence in the architecture of the city. She has presented papers in Canada and the USA on historical and contemporary entanglements of architecture, political violence, and the body in urban spaces. She has received awards for her research in Lebanon and Canada, most recently a SSHRC Doctoral award (2020).  


Master of Architectural Studies – Carleton University, Canada

Master of Architecture (with high distinction) – Lebanese University, Canada

Bachelor of Architecture – Lebanese University, Lebanon


Contract Instructor

ARCH 4505A – Reporting from the Front; on architecture, politics and spatial violence

Teaching Assistant

ARCS 1005A – Drawing Class

ARCC 1202 – History of Structures

ARCH 1000 – Introduction to Architecture


2013-2014 – Junior Architect, Vector Architecture Office, Tripoli, Lebanon

2012-2013 – Intern Architect, THA Architects, Tripoli, Lebanon


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Ghazal, Jenan. “Tower of Bitterness, Tower of Air: the notorious case of Lebanon’s Trade Center.” Society of Architectural Historians 72nd Annual International Conference, providence, United States.

Ghazal, Jenan. “Architecture and Violence: between representation and exchange.” (2016). Carleton University. Master’s Thesis.

Capturing the “meanwhile” in Beirut – Exhibition, Lightroom Gallery, Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism, Ottawa, ON.

The Tree house of Vesalius – Exhibition, The PIT – Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism, Ottawa, ON.