Eric Archambault

Adjunct Professor

Trained as an architect and documentary filmmaker, Eric Archambault explores our changing relationship with the built environment. Starting from lens-based recordings of urban environments, he creates documentary essays that examine how the forces that shape the city can erode the identity of places, and how people’s sense of connection to place is being lost.

Archambault has lectured on film as biography of place. His projects include Fields of LeBreton and Autopia.

He is currently focusing his research on the practice of live cinema and its potential to engage digital place-making through strategies of geospatial memories, the remediation of neglected urban space, and the city as archive. This experimental body of video work has been shown at the Ottawa Art Gallery, SAW Video Media Art Centre, and Daîmön centre d’art médiatique, among other venues.

Archambault served on the board of directors of the artist-run media art centre SAW Video from 2013 to 2018, as chair of the programming committee, as well as chair of the facilities committee.


Master of Architecture – Cranbrook Academy of Art, Detroit, USA

Bachelor of Architecture – Carleton University


ARCS 2106A –  Studio 3
ARCS 3105B – Studio 4