Announcing 2021 Teaching Fellows

The Azrieli School of Architecture & Urbanism is pleased to announce the three Studio Teaching Fellows for fall 2021. Shelby Hagerman, Shannon Clark, and Sinan Husic will work with studio teaching teams. They will also teach the Imagine Architecture program for high school students this summer. All are receiving their Master of Architecture degree in June 2021.

Shannon Clark is a 2021 Master of Architecture graduate from Carleton University. She received her undergraduate degree in Architectural Studies in 2018 with a major in urbanism. Her interest in architecture is multi-disciplinary, looking at its relation to society through the lens of urbanism, cartography, and public health landscapes. With a passion for architectural illustration, her thesis research chronicles the fictions and metaphors written by various pandemics in the built environment. Shannon has worked in offices in Canada and the UK on projects ranging from large institutional projects in the Ottawa Valley to small, prefabricated garden studios in London. She will work with the ARCS 5031A – MArch 1 Graduate Studio teaching team.

Shelby Hagerman is a 2021 Master of Architecture graduate at Carleton University, where she also completed her Bachelor of Architectural Studies. Her thesis investigates New York City as a memory palace to explore agency and develop a collective planetary imagination to reframe climate change. Shelby participated in the OAA Shift 2019 Infrastructure Architecture Challenge with three of her peers and Assistant Professor Zachary Colbert. Their winning project envisioned new methods to generate renewable energy in high-rise dwellings. She continues to conduct research on this project with Prof. Colbert, embracing interdisciplinary collaboration. Shelby has also worked at the Parliamentary Protective Service, Indigenous Services Canada, and GRC Architects in Ottawa. She will work with the Introduction to Architecture ARCH 1000 teaching team.

Sinan Husic completed his Master of Architecture degree at Carleton University in 2021. His thesis, Thinking and Making – Digital Craft Hybridity, explores the value of thinking through problems by making. He is currently leading research at the CSALT lab’s 3D printing facilities. Sinan received his BAS from the University of Waterloo in 2018. He has worked in architecture firms of various sizes across Southern Ontario and Ottawa on large public infrastructure projects, Passive House projects, higher education buildings, and housing. He has recently taken part in the data capture of Center Block using photogrammetry and laser scanning. Sinan’s passion, however, will always remain in the small scale and tangible, where he can get messy and build something. He will work with the teaching team for ARCS 5105 – Gateway Studio.