ASAU Co-op

The Azrieli School of Architecture & Urbanism (ASAU) has had co-op for a very long time, but we would like to grow our co-op participation. Co-op is optional at ASAU and is administered through the Co-op Office.


Co-op is a wonderful opportunity to gain important employment skills and network with practicing design professionals. It is paid work experience. Many students that participate in co-op continue to work for the same firm after they graduate from the BAS program.


For students to participate in co-op they need to:

1) have completed the COOP 1000 course,

2) be a full-time BAS student, and

3) have a Cummulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 9.0 (B+) or higher.


Each work term is four months long. For students to successfully complete co-op they need to complete at least three work terms – 12 months in a possible 16-month period. Co-op starts at the end of the BAS third year (May) and runs to the September of the following year. It is therefore one academic year and two summers long. As a result, if students participate in co-op, it will add an additional year to complete their BAS degree.

Student experience in co-op

Claire de Jeu, 2021 Undergraduate Co-op Student of the Year 


Claire de Jeu is in the fourth year of the Bachelor of Architectural Studies program in the design stream. She is currently completing her third work term at L360 ARCHITECTURE, with offices in London, ON and Timmins, ON. 


Claire’s efforts led to several close project awards, one successful award, and a positive response from a client who had previously consistently refused the company’s bids for Vendor of Record status.  


Read the full story here: BAS student wins 2021 Undergraduate Co-op Student of the Year Award